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    Why We Exist:

    The Libertarian Action Network is intended to be a useful and informative resource for libertarians, political activists, and anyone who believes in the protection of civil rights and liberties for all, but without the corruption and abuse of the citizenry that invariably follows "government intervention". We have a wide variety of content, including a blog, some libertarian-inspired articles, and some good links to tickle your activist fancy. As an introduction to who we are and what we stand for, please read our Mission Statement below:

    Our Mission

    In order to inform, inspire, and invigorate the proponents of liberty, independence, and personal responsibility, we do hereby propose and endorse the following goals and ideals:
    • To enlighten and inform the libertarian activist community and the public at large about the looming sociopolitical issues that are important, but not talked about on other web sites.
    • To stimulate action among our college and university student peers, and the community.
    • To further the libertarian and free-market capitalist causes by various means. Such means include discussion, action planning, art, and music- and pretty much anything else you can think of!
    • To do our part to preserve the peace of mind and sanity of dissident activists worldwide by assembling information and resources to safeguard personal privacy and anonymity.*
    • To win hearts and change minds!

    Visualizing Liberty

    At this point, the reader might begin to wonder, "all those goals are great, but what's the overall picture? What exactly are you working so hard for? This is a very good question, to which we provide the following answers:
    • Total and complete adherence to the Constitution of the United States. The document should be enforced at all times, while any and all laws in violation of the Constitution should be modified to ensure compliance or repealed without delay.
    • The creation and fostering a culture amongst Americans and the peoples of the world in which all are considered fundamentally equal. By this, we do not mean that everyone should be forced to be of similar social or economic status (communism is for "Girly-Men"!), but rather the ideal that one should treat one's neighbors with courtesy and respect. Ideally, we want to promote an environment where individuals will be willing to give others the "benefit of the doubt", and assume by default that other citizens are good people. In short, we reject the tenets of Hobbes and Marxism/Leninism, which, either through ignorance or nefariousness, try to argue that man is "inherently bad", which is certainly not the case.
    • The promotion of a truly free and open economic and financial market free of monopoly control and abuse through government coercion. As proponents of libertarianism, we believe that a fair and just society is one in which no one, not even politicians and other government agents can succeed in trying to force others to accept their fictitious "super human, holier-than-thou" status, as they do today.
    • The promotion and sharing of creativity and independent critical thinking. We work to inform and educate political activists/dissidents, and the general public about political issues, privacy concerns, and how to protect oneself from the prying eyes of government and the common criminal. Many of our documents and how-to guides are very rare; some are even unique to this site as far as any of us are aware!
    • To show as many people as possible though word and deed that Liberty is not dead, but in fact very much alive and well. At the Libertarian Action Network, we strongly believe that actions speak louder than words. Thus, we pride ourselves in doing our utmost to not only make this online resource the best it can be, but also to take action in the community and nation wide to change the status quo.

      *NOTE: While the Libertarian Action Network (LAN) team does not divulge sensitive and/or personal info willingly (or even unwillingly if humanly possible), that doesn't mean that the owners of our servers, government agents, or script-kiddie crackers can't. Therefore, always take proper anonymity/security precautions when submitting or viewing information on this or similar websites. Please see our helpful hints in the Writings section of our site for more information.

      Also of note, our other domain name, PhoenixOfLight.com, is for sale. It has attracted a good deal of traffic, and is inexpensive. The last domain we sold went for a good price, so check it out!

    All content copyright 2005-2007, The Libertarian Action Network, unless otherwise noted. Please feel free to link to or use portions of this web site's material, but please give credit where credit is due. If you wish to publish significant portions of this web site's content, please e-mail the Webmaster. Technical content is governed by the terms of the GNU Free Document License, unless otherwise noted. All other content is governed by the Creative Commons License, unless otherwise noted.

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